Where It All Started

That picture illustrates just how young I was. It was January 1994 when I decided at sixteen to start a comic book company. I loved comics and new nothing about business. I had a dream and was determined. I enlisted the help of a fellow comic lover Matt Daniels a brilliant writer and more importantly a pessimist. Matt would be my voice of reason when my dream had me in the clouds. We developed a creative team to bring our ideas to life through pencils and ink. From the first published book, The Acolyte Chronicles to the amazing piece of work in your hands now, I would not not be where i am without them. I will be eternally greatful to Matt, Rich, Jim, Jeff, Mark and Denise for taking part in this adventure.

Comics for me have always been about more than the hero on the cover. They are as tthe great Stan Lee put it best, “A reflection of the world right outside our window”. I was able to form a career around comics, immersing myself in worlds of not just the dreamers, but the doers and go getter. This made me believe that i should never spend my life woundering, “What if…?”

Having to deal with losses early in my life, most notably of my dear freinds Edwin “Peewee” Champ and Ina Kramer, formed my unstoppable determination to just always make things happen. Out time here is limited and some of us are taken too early. I will never have regret in pursuit of my dreams.

My goal in writing is showcasing both relatable and relevant stories. The more the reader can identify with the characters, the more believable the fantasy is. Plausible stories will invoke a wide range of emotions. Ranger is no different, we have put a lot of time and effort into making the military aspects of this story as accurate and authentic as possibles.

There are many people to thank for the love and support they have shown, both in the beginning and through the present day. None of what I have accomplished would be possible without them but most importantly, you the reader make all of this a reality. Thank You.

                                                                Special Thanks to my Loving wife, Mandy and wonderful children Domiano and Gina.